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Our Mission is to support, strengthen, and promote those organizations dedicated to reversing the trend of destruction of ocean environments around the world.

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Our Story

We advance innovative, customized philanthropic solutions for individual, corporate and government donors, we simplify giving so donors can focus on their chosen passion for the coasts and ocean.

We focus our collective expertise to generate cutting edge content on emerging threats, potential solutions, and better strategies for implementation. 

We find, evaluate, and support the most effective marine conservation projects and organizations.

Our vision is to be the organization that: 

  • Steers human interaction with the coasts and ocean toward a sustainable future by building a strong, vibrant and well-connected community of donors, grantees and projects that effectively responds to urgent issues and seizes on key opportunities for global marine conservation.
  • Provides leadership to the ocean conservation community - working together, developing a better understanding of potential solutions to the threats facing the marine environment, along with stronger capacity and effectiveness to implement those solutions on the ground and in the water, and
  • Promotes the use of diverse tools to protect and restore ocean habitats worldwide.

What do you love about the ocean?

The Ocean Foundation's Initiatives are a way to combine your resources with those of other individuals that have similar goals, increasing your philanthropic impact. Your donation provides grants for nonprofits, universities, and community organizations all around the world. In each of our nine initiatives we are looking to mitigate current threats or problems, and further research in these areas. Our nine initiatives are: International Sustainable Aquaculture, Coral Reefs, Coasts and Beaches, Marine Mammals, Polar Seas, Sea Turtles, Ocean Leadership, World Oceans, and Ocean Acidification.

Our Services

Through our wide range of services we advance innovative, customized philanthropic solutions that reflect our holistic approach to moving the needle on coastal and ocean conservation.

Our Impact

$21 Million for the Ocean

10 Years

Since forming in 2003, we've spent $21 million on marine conservation in four core areas.



2/3 of our projects are based outside of the United States or work on international ocean issues.

Cost Allocations


We have strong, annually audited, fiscal controls for accountability and transparency for donors, and hosted projects.

Project Growth


The number of projects we host has grown by 26% annually on average.

FY14 Income


The majority of our income comes from generous foundations and donors like you who are passionate about saving the ocean

Coastal CODE


More than 50,000 volunteers have helped clean up beaches from Alaska to California through our partnership with Alaskan Brewing Company.

Learn More About Our Work

Blue Carbon Offsets The Ocean Foundation’s SeaGrass Grow! project offers voluntary opportunities to naturally offset greenhouse gas emissions in the ocean – known as blue carbon.
Island Reach has set up a disaster relief fund to help the victims of Cyclone Pam. Donate to Friend of Island Reach today and put "Cyclone Pam Disaster Relief" in the comment field to support their efforts.
The Ocean Foundation’s partnership with jetBlue has resulted in the EcoEarnings Project, which shows that business can be positively tied to shorelines. The interim report advocates for conservation to be included in business models and long term goals.
The vaquita porpoise has been endangered since the mid-1980s. Read our most recent blog post on this issue.