Offset Your Life the Blue Way, Giving with Your Heart and Your Head

Mark J. Spalding
Publication Name: 
Journal of Sustainable Finance and Banking, November 2015, Volume 2, Issue 10
Publication Date: 
Sunday, November 15, 2015

TOF President, Mark J. Spalding, contributed two articles to The Journal of Sustainable Finance and Banking:

Offset You Life the Blue Way

The consensus is in, and has been for years: Climate change is happening and, however large or small our individual carbon footprints may be, we must be held responsible. To reduce your carbon footprint, you must first change your behavior, and then you must look to offset what you can’t change. Blue carbon is the most effective yet overlooked method for long-term sequestration and storage of carbon from the atmosphere. Of equal importance, investment in blue carbon provides invaluable ecosystem services that contribute to people’s ability to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change....

Giving with Your Heart and Your Head: Using Metrics in Philanthropy

Consider the challenges of the marine world. The ocean is the life support of our planet. It is our food, water, oxygen, global temperature balance, and our best carbon sink. One of the most pressing threats to the seas, ocean acidification (OA), is not just about the shells of marine snails dissolving — it is about food security. When one in seven people rely on seafood for their main source of protein, but OA is damaging food webs and larval fish development, ocean health directly impacts human health. Sea level rise will not only affect our insurance rates — it will increasingly cause migrations of human populations and add pressure to already volatile refugee situations. When the U.S. Department of State and others recognize the implications of a changing ocean for national security, direct action for ocean conservation becomes a direct action to save lives. With this in mind and after reading and reflecting on the theories of effective philanthropy, we asked, can we identify strategies that are more effective than others for saving the ocean? This question moves beyond standard metrics of cost effectiveness, overhead ratios, and other financial calculations into the ability to connect results achieved to specific actions...

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