Hosted Projects

Our fiscally sponsored projects represent a diverse field of ocean conservation issues around the globe. We look for compelling projects with factors including: strong science, strong legal basis, strong socio-economic argument, charismatic fauna or flora, a clear threat, clear benefits, and a strong/logical project strategy. Then, much like any investment advisor, we use a 14-point due diligence checklist, which looks at the project's management, financing, legal filings and other reports. Check out our Fiscal Sponsorship page to learn more.

71% Initiative

This project takes the first step toward restoration of a fully functional estuary for Aliso Creek. 

The purpose of the Anchor Coalition Project is to help build sustainable communities by using renewable energy (MRE) technologies to power homes.

Lost at Sea will be a film that takes the viewer on an epic journey through the oceanic kingdom of the Atlantic salmon.

Big Ocean is the only peer-learning network created ‘by managers for man

Blue Climate Solutions’ mission is to promote the conservation of the world's coasts and oceans as viable solution to the climate change challenge.

Blue Mind Fund: Connecting People to Water


This fund provides support to projects that enhance our understanding of sea turtles.

Coordination provided by the innovative "Adopt an Ocean" project is now building on a three-decade bipartisan tradition of protecting sensitive waters from risky offshore drilling.

The CMRC’s mission is to build sound scientific collaboration between Cuba, the United States and neighboring countries that share marine resources. 

The Deep Sea Mining Campaign is an association of NGOs and citizens from Australia, Papua New Guinea and Canada concerned about the likely impact of DSM on marine and coastal ecosystems and communities. 

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Initia