Hosted Projects

Shark Advocates International (SAI) is dedicated to conserving some of the ocean's most vulnerable, valuable, and neglected animals - the sharks.

Ocean Revolution was created to change the way humans engage with the sea: to find, mentor, and network new voices and revive and amplify ancient ones. We look to the past with respect and the recognition of ancient values, knowledge and expertise.

Ocean Connectors is an interdisciplinary education program that links students in San Diego, California and Nayarit, Mexico to foster the view of a shared global environment and to promote an early interest in environmental issues.

The Eastern Pacific Hawksbill Initiative (ICAPO) was formally established in July 2008 to promote the recovery of hawksbill turtles in the eastern Pacific.

The Cuba Marine Research and Conservation Program (CMRC)’s mission is to build sound scientific collaboration between Cuba, the United States and neighboring countries that share marine resources.

Big Ocean is the only peer-learning network created ‘by managers for managers’ (and managers in the making) of large-scale marine areas. Our focus is management and best practice. Our goal is to support each other and the growing field of large-scale MPAs.

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Initiative

71% Initiative

Ocean resources are shared and relied upon by all. Inherited jointly and freely, the ocean, coasts and marine ecosystems are held in trust for future generations.

From the shallows to the deeps of our great ocean, a crisis is occurring. As CO2 dissolves into the ocean, it alters its chemistry – the ocean is 30% more acidic than it was 200 years ago, and it is acidifying faster than at any time in Earth’s history. This is called ocean acidification.


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