Hello Ocean engages recreational sailors and ocean enthusiasts in ocean conservation and research initiatives through citizen science and multi-media elements. It is a citizen science project that maps hot regions of ocean acidification’s effect on marine calcifiers, and a multi-media campaign that energizes the boating community to become informed ocean advocates, and engage in ocean conservation and citizen scientist opportunities.

Hello Ocean is creating a unique study that will collect critical ocean acidification data from the deck of a cruising sailboat. Utilizing sailors as citizen scientists has benefits far beyond data collection. We are creating a community of informed ocean advocates, expanding the opportunity for public awareness, and action. Through our associated media outreach, they will learn about the various action opportunities available to them through our partner organizations, to continue their work for the oceans.

This project is cost effective, engages the public, and plays a big part in helping scientists better understand the impacts of ocean acidification. This will ultimately allow us to make better predictions about the future of marine ecosystems, create strategies to mitigate the effects of ocean acidification - all with an empowered group of sailors who are eager to take action for the ocean.


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