The Cuba Marine Research and Conservation Program (CMRC)’s mission is to build sound scientific collaboration between Cuba, the United States and neighboring countries that share marine resources. We accomplish this by establishing locally-supported marine research and conservation programs in key marine areas in Cuba; contribute to the scientific understanding of the region's natural resources via international workshops, trainings, and scientific exchanges; develop research project aimed at protecting Cuba’s marine ecosystems; and train and empower the next generation of Cuban marine scientists.

The biological and geographic links between the U.S. and Cuba are stark, particularly in a marine context where ocean currents pay no heed to international maritime borders or embargoes. The larvae of fish, coral and lobsters as well as migratory sea turtles flow between our countries, depending on healthy habitats for survival. Without understanding Cuba’s ecosystems and the role they play regionally we cannot fully protect our own.

CMRC uniquely benefits from a robust,16-year partnership with key Cuban institutions such as the Center for Marine Research (CIM) of the University of Havana and the Cuban Ministry of Science Technology and Environment (CITMA), which insures a strong foundation of collaborative scientific research to advance and inform conservation policy efforts. CMRC’s work is fully licensed by the US Department of the Treasury


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