Huckabuy is a Search Engine Optimization software company based out of Park City, Utah. Huckabuy has partnered with The Ocean Foundation, providing its unique SEO software to help the foundation increase its visibility online.

IGZU is launching the first ever bottled bamboo leaf tea, a healthy beverage made from sustainable ingredients. The partnership between IGZU and The Ocean Foundation began in 2015, prior to the brand's launch. IGZU is now ready for production and will donate a percentage of their sales to The Ocean Foundation. Their brand's representation for the exuberance [IGZU=ig-ˈzü-b(ə-)rən(t)s] for life goes hand in hand with the passion we all feel for the ocean.

The International Sea Turtle Society (ISTS) selected The Ocean Foundation’s SeaGrass Grow project as the offset partner for it's 32nd, 33rd and 35th Annual Symposium on Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation. ISTS used the innovative Blue Carbon methodology to naturally offset our emissions from participant travel and accommodations as well as energy use during meeting sessions and events through seagrass restoration and protection.

A foundation partnership was formed in 2010 to create the ISSF Sea Turtle Fund. This fund supports grassroots, science-based sea turtle conservation programs and emphasizes the critical need for social change for the recovery of a species. Together, we have raised over $306,000 to support protection of critical nesting sites for endangered Western Pacific Leatherbacks, recovery of foraging and nesting populations of the critically endangered Eastern Pacific Hawksbill, and reduce bycatch of turtles in Peru.

Every fall, Jackson Hole WILD convenes an industry summit for media professionals, scientists and conservationists to celebrate excellence, exchange ideas and be inspired by the landscape and each other. The Summit encourages the production of natural history and science programming by providing industry stakeholders with an international forum to conduct business, test equipment, refine production techniques and celebrate the world’s finest and most innovative media. For more information, visit

The Ocean Foundation partnered with jetBlue Airways in 2013 to focus on the long-term health of the Caribbean's oceans and beaches. This corporate partnership sought to determine the economic value of clean beaches to strengthen protection of destinations and ecosystems upon which travel and tourism depend. TOF provided expertise in environmental data collection while jetBlue provided their proprietary industry data. jetBlue named the concept “EcoEarnings: A Shore Thing” after their belief that business could be positively tied to shorelines.

The Ocean Foundation worked with Kerzner International in the design and creation of the Kerzner Marine Foundation, its grantmaking strategy and procedures, and in hiring their first CEO. The Blue Project, part of the Kerzner Marine Foundation, has provided over $1 million in grants to support marine science in the Bahamas.

Lauren Buckley is a painter and multimedia artist. She is donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of her art to The Ocean Foundation. You can find Lauren's art here on her website.

The Ocean Foundation created a Resort Partnership Lasting Legacy Model, designing and consulting for the philanthropy arms of the sustainable resort developments in Loreto Bay, Mexico. Our resort partnership model provides a turn-key meaningful and measurable Community Relations platform for resorts. This public-private partnership provides a lasting environmental legacy for the local community for future generations.  

Luke's Lobster partnered with The Ocean Foundation to establish The Keeper Fund to support their long-term commitment to the coastal communities and waterways upon which their business thrives. The Fund's mission is to find and support projects that are win-wins for coastal communities and the environment. In 2019, Luke's partnered with Allagash Brewing to jointly donate $1 from the sale of every Allagash White to The Keeper Fund, up to $10,000.