Pacific Life Foundation

Pacific Life Foundation

The Ocean Foundation (TOF) and the Pacific Life Foundation are mutually committed to the preservation and conservation of the highly endangered humpback whale in North America. Pacific Life sports the humpback whale as its logo, the focus of their advertising campaign, and have instilled a whale theme throughout their corporate headquarters. 

The Pacific Life Foundation trusts TOF expertise and access to best-in-class projects to serve as their administrator to strategize, manage and oversee their grant agreements and distribution of funds from start to finish for ease of implementation and maximum project impact.

Since 2008 this fund has directed $1.3 million towards original scientific research of marine mammals. The most recent deployment of funds resulted in grants to thirteen prominent national and international researchers and institutions contributing to projects dedicated to assessing and understanding marine mammal behaviors and human impacts on marine mammal species in North America. 

This funding resulted in many of these research projects to reach completion, which is invaluable to the ocean community. In addition, the findings have been published in prominent scientific journals to continue to build on our body of knowledge of these amazing mammals. This open-source research has been instrumental in engaging stakeholders and governments to set policy for the conservation and protections of these endangered species. 


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