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Columbia Sportswear

Columbia’s focus on outdoor conservation and education make them a leading innovator in outdoor apparel. This corporate partnership began in 2008, with a contribution to TOF’s SeaGrass Grow Campaign, planting and restoring seagrass in Florida. Columbia Sportswear provides high quality in-kind gear that our projects rely on to perform field work critical to ocean conservation.

In 2010 Columbia Sportswear partnered with TOF, Bass Pro Shops, and Academy Sports + Outdoors to save the seagrass. Columbia Sportswear made special “save the seagrass” shirts and t-shirts to promote restoration of seagrass habitat because it directly relates to key fishing areas in Florida and many other places. This campaign was promoted across environmental and outdoor/retailer conferences and on stage at a Margaritaville private party for retailers.

The Ocean Foundation’s Laguna San Ignacio Ecosystem Science Project (LSIESP) received gear and apparel for 15 students and scientists to weather the wind and salty spray that they encountered each day they worked on the water with gray whales.

Ocean Connectors, an interdisciplinary education program that links students in San Diego and Mexico uses migratory marine animals that travel between the two countries, such as the green sea turtle and the California gray whale, has case studies to teach environmental stewardship to students and foster the views of a shared global environment. Project Manager, Frances Kinney and her staff received jackets and apparel to use during habitat restoration, field trips to sea turtle research sites and on whale watching trips.

The Ocean Foundation’s Cuba Marine Research and Conservation project received a variety of gear for the sea turtle nesting team working out of the Guanahacabibes National Park, where this year the team broke the annual record for the region by counting their 580th nest. Team members were given insect blocker and omni shade apparel to help fight off the intense sun and raging mosquitos found in the region. Additionally, the team used Columbia Sportswear tents to offer protection from the elements during 24 hour monitoring shifts.

The SeaGrass Grow campaign is proactively restoring sections of damaged seagrass beds in key Florida markets. This community outreach and education campaign teaches boaters and ocean go-ers how to minimize their impact to ensure productive fisheries, healthy ecosystems, and continued access to our favorite fishing holes.

Read more about the partnership here: Columbia Sportswear Company Teams Up With The Ocean Foundation To Help Save Marine Habitat.

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