The Ocean Foundation & Partnerships

Let’s Partner!

You know the value of investing in ocean solutions. You need a platform for your corporate community. Together, we will create something incredible. 

Our partnerships take different forms. From financial support and in-kind donations to cause-related marketing campaigns, these collaborative efforts restore and protect our shared ocean.

Ways to become Involved:

  • Field Research Partner: Your products will be used in applied conservation and ocean protection. Together, we will create new marketing opportunities, introduce you to conservation focused audiences, and fulfill the needs of our projects.
  • Strategic Ocean Funds Model: You need knowledge and expertise to identify the best-in-class ocean related organizations and projects to align with your brand. We can help! TOF will source, manage and oversee projects of best fit for you. These will propel your brand forward in fulfilling your mission and sustainability goals. Example funds include Marine Mammals, Coral Reefs, Polar Seas, Coasts and Beaches, Sea Turtles and World Ocean.
  • Blue Carbon Innovator: You know about the climate crisis. You want your company to be a catalyst for change, not part of the problem. Our carbon offset program, SeaGrass Grow is 3x as effective at carbon reduction as planting a terrestrial tree. For more information, visit SeaGrass Grow

For more information on becoming a partner please contact us at

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