11th Hour Racing works with the sailing community and maritime industries to advance solutions and practices that protect and restore the health of our ocean. Inspired by and furthering the mission of The Schmidt Family Foundation, 11th Hour Racing embraces partners, grantees, and ambassadors who integrate sustainability into their values and operations while educating people with the critical message of ocean stewardship. The organization works with The Ocean Foundation to facilitate international giving along with offsetting the carbon footprint of its larger partnerships

The Ocean Foundation and Absolut Vodka began a corporate partnership in 2008 as part of Absolut’s Global Cooling™ campaign. The multi-year green marketing campaign encouraged consumers to reduce effects of global warming and register to give one dollar of every bottle purchased to an eco charity.  The proceeds were directed to restore seagrass beds around major metropolitan coastal areas. This partnership restored more than 4,000 square feet of damaged seagrass located at Knight’s Key Bank in the NOAA Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

Alaskan Brewing Co. (ABC) is dedicated to crafting really good beer, and really good philanthropy. ABC began a corporate partnership with The Ocean Foundation in 2007 to create the Coastal CODE Fund. ABC committed 1% of all proceeds from the sale of Alaskan IPA and $5 from the sales of its One Beer t-shirt to support the cleanup and preservation of the Pacific Ocean and its coastlines.

From 2006 to 2010, our consultation led to the creation of the St. Kitts Foundation, a fund within The Ocean Foundation that dedicated 1% of gross sales from the South Peninsula Resort back into the community. On March 31, 2008, we completed our 18-month Phase One contract to design, create, and prepare the St. Kitts Foundation for full operations. This included the finalization of the formation of our St. Kitts Foundation as a charitable foundation under the law of the Federation.

Columbia’s focus on outdoor conservation and education make them a leading innovator in outdoor apparel. This corporate partnership began in 2008, with a contribution to TOF’s SeaGrass Grow Campaign, planting and restoring seagrass in Florida. Columbia Sportswear provides high quality in-kind gear that our projects rely on to perform field work critical to ocean conservation.

The Ocean Foundation works with SeaWeb and Diversified Communications to offset the estimated carbon emissions of their Annual SeaWeb Sustainable Seafood Summit core activities through the SeaGrass Grow project.  During the  2013, 2015 and 2016 summits, attendees are offered the opportunity to offset their carbon emissions incurred through travel to the summit.

EcoBee Inc. and The Ocean Foundation (TOF) have partnered together to support conservation efforts that are working to restore coral reefs and advance research and education of coral reef ecosystems. 

Economist Events chose The Ocean Foundation as the official offset provider for their 3rd Annual World Oceans Summit in 2015. Through The Ocean Foundation's SeaGrass Grow project, Economist Events offered attendees of the summit to use the innovative Blue Carbon methodology to naturally offset their greenhouse gas emissions of their travel associated with the event.

Fragrant Jewels is a California based bath bomb and candle company, and the flagship brand of Gravity Brands. They partnered with The Ocean Foundation on an Earth Day bath bomb in 2017 donating eight percent of their net sales to our 71% initiative. 

GroundUP Music was created to serve as an artistic oasis in the ever-changing world of independent music. As of 2017, GroundUP has continued to adjust to changing times by expanding beyond the traditional role of a record label. It is gradually changing into an artist services company with the aim of guiding like-minded musicians through the label’s tributaries, including the company’s debut music festivals in Miami. The 2019 GroundUP Music Festival utilized TOF’s SeaGrass Grow program as their carbon offset for the event.