The Ocean Foundation is an international community foundation dedicated to the coasts and ocean.  Therefore, by definition, all of our grantmaking is inherently donor-driven.  We are constantly striving to be strategic and targeted in our grantmaking; thus, we do not maintain a generic open request for proposals, and instead we only solicit proposals for which we already have an interested donor in mind.  While many of the individual funds we host accept solicitations by invitation only, some of them do on occasion have open RFPs.  Please check back on our RFP page for updates on any open funding opportunities that we may have in the future.

Additionally, while we do not accept unsolicited funding requests, we understand that there are many organizations out there doing great work that might not be in the public eye.  We always appreciate the opportunity to learn more about the people and projects working to conserve and protect our planet’s precious oceans.  If your organization would like to submit a brief summary for The Ocean Foundation's files so that we are aware of your project, you may submit a one-page letter of inquiry to Alyssa Hildt.  We are always seeking new revenue streams and in discussions with new potential donors. If we come across a funding source that is a good fit for your project, we will contact you with more information, and possibly solicit a full proposal at that time.

*The Ocean Foundation's policy is to limit indirect costs to no more than 15%