The Ocean Foundation provides consulting services for individuals, national/international corporations, resorts, nonprofits and many others. Our decades of experience make us experts on providing advice that promotes true sustainability. 
A few of our consulting expertise areas include:
  • Blue carbon
  • Sustainable aquaculture and fisheries
  • Ocean acidification / Climate change
  • Marine debris
  • The holistic approach to ocean philanthropy and conservation 
  • Underwater cultural heritage
  • Resort partnerships
  • Travelers' philanthropy
As part of our Consulting Services we offer Grantmaking Strategy Advice and Program Development for Donors and Foundations.

Effective, strategic and targeted philanthropy involves more than just throwing money at exciting projects and hoping for the best.  Our expert philanthropic advisors can help you to maximize the return on your ocean-related charitable investments.  We can help you to clarify your areas of focus, define your grantmaking approach for greatest impact, and evaluate or modify existing programs and initiatives to adapt to changing circumstances.  

We specialize in helping donors to find their niche by framing key issues and questions, conducting research and investigations, analyzing information, and helping you to work through the important strategic, geographic and subject-area decisions that determine the impact of your grantmaking.  And, if you know WHERE but not HOW or WHO, we can provide you with detailed research about conservation investment opportunities in your specific field of interest.  In some instances, we also host and administer funds for donors through our 501(c)(3) community foundation model.

Fee structure:  Consulting services can be solicited on an hourly or contractual basis. Donor and Committee advised funds are charged a flat overhead fee. Please contact TOF President Mark J. Spalding at to discuss your situation and receive an estimate.

Every project is different, but some of the services we can offer include:

  • Grantmaking Program Design
  • Strategic planning and assessments
  • Fund and grant administration
  • Organization and program evaluation
  • Specific field of interest research and mapping
  • Grantee Assistance and Capacity Building
  • Grantee evaluation
  • Financial and investment advice

If you don't have your own foundation, you can consider opening an advised fund at The Ocean Foundation and work directly with our experts.