Capacity Building

As part of our Consulting Services we offer Capacity Building and Program Design for Grantees and Non-Profit Organizations.

Sometimes great organizations that are doing important work need a little bit of extra help, to ensure that their organization is well-equipped to accomplish its goals. The Ocean Foundation can help your organization's staff deal with the challenges of growth, strategic focus, financial sustainability, and performance evaluation. Our staff, consultants and advisors are some of the most experienced and respected marine conservation professionals in the world—we can provide top-notch legal, financial, executive, administrative, scientific and programmatic advice on virtually any issue or project related to marine conservation. We routinely work with donors and other funding agencies to provide consulting services for their grantees.

Non-profit organizations are complex entities. As such, all of the parts need to be working together smoothly for the organization to function effectively. Our staff will help to assess your organization's challenges and opportunities for improvement, create policies and language that provide you with direction, and fashion a fundraising and fiscal plan that will allow you to accomplish your goals. We are passionate about helping organizations to find their own path to success in furthering marine conservation.

Fee structure: Each project will be negotiated individually based on the specific circumstances. Please contact TOF President Mark J. Spalding at to discuss your situation and receive an estimate.

Every capacity building project is different, but some of the services we offer include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Project and campaign design
  • Communications strategies
  • Executive coaching
  • Program gap analysis
  • Organizational effectiveness and sustainability assessment
  • Program evaluation and audits
  • Legal audit of policies, by-laws, etc., to ensure best practices
  • Fundraising training and financial planning
  • Board recruitment and development
  • Coalition building and management
  • Human resources and personnel policy development

The Ocean Foundation has extensive experience in bringing together private funders with a common commitment to marine conservation for collaboration in finding.  Learn the basics of funder collaboration and how TOF can provide support here.