The Ocean Foundation’s SeaGrass Grow project offers voluntary opportunities to naturally offset greenhouse gas emissions in the ocean – known as “Blue Carbon.” The natural coastal ecosystems of seagrasses, tidal marshes, and mangroves take up and sequester large quantities of carbon in both the p

The Future Ocean Alliance (FOA) is a nongovernmental, not-for-profit, neutral and independent global entity that creates an alliance of organizations and individuals seeking to address the concerns of governmental and non-governmental researchers and decision-makers.

Island Reach is a volunteer project with the mission to help build biocultural resilience from ridge to reef in Vanuatu, Melanesia, an area recognized as an ecological and cultural hotspot.

World Oceans Day provides a unique opportunity to recognize the ocean and humanity’s dependence on a healthy ocean for our survival. It also provides a chance for people to do something to keep the ocean healthy and safe. The Ocean Project "adopted" World Oceans Day in 2002.

The Ocean Project advances ocean conservation in partnership with zoos, aquariums, and museums (ZAMs) around the world.

Hello Ocean engages recreational sailors and ocean enthusiasts in ocean conservation and research initiatives through citizen science and multi-media elements.

Ocean Conservation Research is focused on understanding the scope of, and exploring solutions to the growing problem of human-generated noise pollution and its impact on marine animals.

Blue Mind Fund: Connecting People to Water


Since its founding in 2011, the High Seas Alliance (HSA) with its 40+ non-governmental members and the International Union for Conservation of Nature has been working towards protecting the 50% of the planet that is the high seas.

The purpose of this project is to provide scientific and policy advice and guidance to catalyze the development and implementation of innovative and effective policy and conservation initiatives for Atlantic bluefin, Pacific bluefin, skipjack, and bigeye tunas.


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