Shark Advocates International (SAI) is dedicated to conserving some of the ocean's most vulnerable, valuable, and neglected animals - the sharks.

Ocean Revolution was created to change the way humans engage with the sea: to find, mentor, and network new voices and revive and amplify ancient ones. We look to the past with respect and the recognition of ancient values, knowledge and expertise.

Why Redesign Plastics?

50 years of exponential growth in plastic production has created more than 500 years of durable, persistent pollution. 

The burden of using plastic responsibly should not solely rest on consumers, and consumer behavior change can only do so much.

Big Ocean is the only peer-learning network created ‘by managers for managers’ (and managers in the making) of large-scale marine areas. Our focus is management and best practice. Our goal is to support each other and the growing field of large-scale MPAs.

TrezCo Systems is a research and development organization based in Foster City, California with the goal of developing products and technologies to support ocean science exploration by citizen scientists and academic researchers.


To combat global climate change by helping communities get on their path toward sustainability


SEVENSEAS is a new free publication that promotes marine conservation through community engagement, online media, and eco-tourism.

Marine Science Today (MST) is an online resource for marine and ocean related issues designed to close the gap between scientific research and people who care for and interact with the ocean. Currently, there are very few sources for unbiased, ocean-related news.


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