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Cuba Marine Research and Conservation

1990 M Street NW, Ste 250
Washington, DC 20036 ,US

Tel:(305) 968-8457
Fernando Bretos

Primary Issue:
Conserving Marine Habitats & Special Places

Geographical Scope:

The primary focus of this project is to conduct a comprehensive coastal assessment of marine habitats in Cuba's territorial waters.  This will be used to catalog, synthesize and map data collected to describe the principal habitats (marine and estuarine areas, mangrove forests, seagrass beds, coral reefs, etc.) and species of special concern particularly sea turtles and sharks.  Once this is done, the project will be able to provide information to inform the management and conservation of the region's ecosystems and biodiversity, including creation of protected areas, fisheries management, petroleum development, water quality, etc., to appropriate Cuban agencies

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