Projects & Services

Colorado Ocean Coalition

Boulder, CO

Vicki Nichols Goldstein

Primary Issue:
Ocean Literacy

Geographical Scope:
Colorado and the Mountain States

To inspire an inland community to be stewards of our ocean.
Leading a community of individuals to understand our connection to the ocean, unite through shared conservation values, and advocate and celebrate actions that promote a healthy ocean.
“Why care about oceans when you live more than a thousand miles from the coasts?” The Colorado Ocean Coalition believes that you don’t have to be near the ocean to care about it. Our complex global economy and the interconnectedness of ecological systems mean that the actions we take in the mountains impact the health of the sea. These actions include eating seafood, using plastics, driving cars and sharing environmental ethics with our family and friends. We live on an ocean planet and the choices we make in the middle of the country have direct ties to the seas.

Until now, there has never been a unified voice for ocean protection in the Mountain States. The mission of the Colorado Ocean Coalition is to be that voice by creating a strong network made up of ocean enthusiasts. We are doing this by engaging scientists, activists, businesses and ocean supporters to address the current threats. These include overfishing, plastics pollution, ocean acidification, and a lack of marine protected areas. Join us to figure out how we can help the ocean from a mile high! You don’t have to see the ocean to protect it.

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