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Ocean Leadership Fund

Building Community and Advancing Solutions for the ocean and those that depend on it

Ocean resources are shared and relied upon by all. Inherited jointly and freely, the ocean, coasts and marine ecosystems are held in trust for future generations. However, the biggest threats to our oceans - climate change and overfishing - are global problems that require both localized as well as global solutions. Building on its track record of "ocean leadership," The Ocean Foundation has launched the Ocean Leadership Fund to enable us to respond to growing needs and urgent issues relating to ocean conservation, as well as to strengthen the knowledge and expertise of the ocean community as a whole.

The Ocean Leadership Fund operates within three key initiatives to steer the ocean and coasts toward a sustainable future by building a strong, vibrant and well-connected community of donors, grantees and projects that is effectively able to respond to urgent issues and seize on key opportunities for global marine conservation:

1. Conduct Research and Provide Information - to help the ocean-aware community of stakeholders identify primary ocean threats, and analyze best in class solutions.

2. Build the Capacity of the Marine Conservation Community  - to build upon the expertise and knowledge of organizations and individuals for maximum benefit to our ocean environments.

3. Foster and Facilitate Collaboration - to promote collaboration and cross-communication among key ocean stakeholders and communities to improve ocean governance and conservation around the world.

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