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The World Ocean Fund is TOF’s most general pooled fund, designed for donors of all sizes who have an interest in the saving our oceans and no particular ocean conservation issue in mind.  The Fund addresses urgent needs, emerging issues, and provides grants in areas that do not yet warrant a specialized fund.  This is a grantmaking fund dedicated to the conservation and protection of all aspects of the oceans, as well as the protection of key places, capacity building projects and general support grants for marine conservation organizations.  In short, the World Ocean Fund undertakes grantmaking in ways that do not fall within the guidelines of our more specialized funds.

The goal of the World Ocean Fund is to provide financial resources to diverse and time-sensitive projects that further both ocean health and the goals of the people working so hard on its behalf.

We have used this fund to support hurricane relief and storm-related habitat damage assessment, sustainable aquaculture projects, and activities related to ocean conservation legislation in the USA and in other nations.  Grants from this fund supported the development of marine conservation photography, literature and journalism.  It has also allowed us to support documentary film work and other artistic/media projects that expand the reach of ocean conservation messaging.

We also believe strongly in the value of the convening of marine conservation groups to share lessons learned and to create partnerships that help stretch limited resources.  Thus, the World Ocean Fund’s grantmaking supports meetings and conferences that bring diverse groups of people together to enable a stronger learning network of concerned ocean advocates to work towards more effective solutions.

The World Ocean Fund at The Ocean Foundation connects healthy ocean goals with

Great ocean governance depends on well-designed, strategic investments in all three.  It also depends on our ability to meet sudden, unexpected demands for support, monitoring, and even rescue.  Donating to the World Ocean Fund is your opportunity to join others in allowing The Ocean Foundation community to deploy our expertise and your funds on behalf of ocean conservation in a time-sensitive, creative framework.  Investing in the World Ocean Fund ensures your support will go where the need is greatest on behalf of our global ocean and the communities that depend on it.

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