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Sea Turtle Fund

Six of the seven species of sea turtles are threatened or endangered. Every year, hundreds of sea turtles are killed by due to human actions and lifestyles.  Some of the biggest threats include ingestion of marine debris, poaching and illegal trade, unsustainable coastal development projects and global warming.

Our Sea Turtle Fund provides grants to projects that focus on better managing our beaches and coastal ecosystems, reducing pollution and marine debris, choosing reusable bags when we go shopping, providing fisherman with turtle-excluder devices and other safer fishing gear, and addressing the consequences of sea level rise and ocean acidification.

Through our work we have been able to save thousands of turtles, protect tens of thousands of sea turtle eggs, and educate many about this keystone species by providing support for the annual International Sea Turtle Symposium.

By donating to the Sea Turtle Fund you can help save some of the most charismatic animals in the ocean, and also some of the most ancient, existing as far back as the age of the dinosaurs. 

Download The Ocean Foundation's resume of expertise on sea turtles.

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