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Coral Reef Fund

Corals are living animals that slowly create limestone reefs, found mostly in shallow, tropical seas. Thousands of different species of corals, fish, sponges, sharks, sea turtles, marine mammals, and invertebrates call these reefs home. Healthy coral reefs are also critical to human communities—they protect our shores from storms, provide the seafood we like to eat, and attract divers and tourists.

Coral reefs are being destroyed by coastal construction and harmful fishing practices such as explosives and bottom trawling. They also suffer the indirect consequences of human activities—such as marine pollution, warming seas, and ocean acidification—which can cause outbreaks of coral bleaching and disease and decimate entire reef systems.

Our Coral Reef Fund provides grants to projects that focus on better managing our fisheries and tourism development, developing sustainable coral reef products, establishing marine reserves, and scientific research that can lead to new breakthroughs in medicine and biotechnology.

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