Seagrass Awareness and the SeaGrass Grow Campaign

By: Seagrass Recovery
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We are into the third week (one more week left!) of Florida’s Seagrass Awareness Month and the Seagrass Recovery crew wanted to showcase one of our partners, The Ocean Foundation, who is helping us in our efforts to conserve and promote seagrass ecosystems.

SeaGrass LogoSeagrass Recovery and the Ocean Foundation have partnered to increase awareness of these important natural coastal habitats by creating the SeaGrass Grow Campaign! This program was designed specifically to restore seagrass habitats while offering voluntary opportunities to naturally offset greenhouse gas emissions in the ocean know as Blue Carbon. You can read up on Blue Carbon in our past blog posts, Seagrass Role in Carbon Sequestration (Part I) and Blue Carbon-Seagrass Role in Carbon Sequestration (Part II).

The Ocean Foundation is a unique community foundation whose mission is to support, strengthen, and promote various organizations dedicated to reversing the trend of destruction of ocean environments around the world. They work with donors, governments and supporters worldwide, who care about our coasts and oceans, while hosting projects and funds that support those working to improve the health of ocean species globally. Recently, The Ocean Foundation has launched a cutting edge Blue Carbon Offsets Calculator that will allow you to calculate your annual individual/family carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions or the CO2 emissions from your company or organization. Then they calculate the amount of Blue Carbon necessary to fully offset those emissions and tell you how many acres of seagrass would need to be restored. Check out The Ocean Foundation’s website to get more information about the SeaGrass Grow! program or to start offsetting your emissions today check out the Blue Carbon Offsets Calculator.

Seagrass awareness month is almost over but that doesn’t mean you have to stop your conservation efforts at the end of the month. Seagrass Recovery is proud to partner with The Ocean Foundation and the SeaGrass Grow! program in an on-going effort to make it easier for you, the public, to make a difference.

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